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‘Rational’ Right Wing Pundit Says Recent UFO Activity May Be Part Of ‘False Flag Operation’ To Justify More Lockdowns



Charlie Kirk

Right-wing broadcaster Charlie Kirk suggested that the flurry of unidentified flying objects spotted over the skies of North America in recent days could be part of a “false flag operation” by the US government “to fake an alien invasion in order to justify more power and new lockdowns.”

appeared to be obsessed on Monday with the idea that extraterrestrial aliens could be behind objects that were shot down over North America by the U.S. military in recent days. But he also said that the incidents could have happened because President Joe Biden plans to “fake an alien invasion.”

“Some people immediately say, ‘Oh, come on, Charlie, it can’t possibly be aliens,'” Kirk told his audience on Monday during a segment on Real America’s Voice. “I’m not saying it is; I’m not saying that it’s a guarantee, but I find it interesting to even ask the question that it could be extraterrestrial life. Or it could be China. It’s not as if our government is any stranger to allowing aliens into our country.”

Kirk also speculated that the “whole thing could just be a ruse” and that the incidents could have happened because President Joe Biden ordered “our own aircraft” to be shot down to “fake an alien invasion.”

“This whole thing could just be a black propaganda campaign,” he said. “It could be just a completely manufactured operation. It could be our own aircraft that we are deploying,” Kirk said.

“But should we even trust anything that the government is saying? Could this all just be a false flag operation to fake an alien invasion or fake a UFO hysteria crisis to try to justify more power, lockdowns, control?”

“These are all rational questions,” he insisted.

Watch the video below.

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