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Rand Paul Demands Dr. Fauci Apologize For Schools Lockdown During Pandemic



GOP Sen. Rand Paul, of Kentucky, slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci in a tweet on Sunday, suggesting the nation’s leading infectious disease expert apologize for the school lockdown measures implemented to stem the spread of the virus after Fauci warned about the danger coronavirus poses to school-aged children.

Fauci and Paul have clashed several times since the pandemic began, with the Kentucky Republican accusing Fauci of fear-mongering rhetoric and what he says is incorrect praise of so-called lockdown measures implemented to stem the spread of the virus.

“Dr. Fauci owes [Rand Paul] an apology,” one of Paul’s Twitter followers said. Paul responded: “No, he owes one to every single parent and school-age child in America. I told him this multiple times this summer.”

On Sunday, Fauci clarified his position on school closures amid a nationwide spike in coronavirus cases this fall.

“The default position should be to try as best as possible, within reason, to keep the children in school, to get them back to school,” Fauci said on ABC’s “This Week.” “If you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not very big at all, not like one would have suspected. So let’s try to get the kids back. But let’s try to mitigate the things that maintain and push the kind of community spread we are trying to avoid. And those are the things you know well. The bars, the restaurants … those are the things that drive the community spread. Not the schools.”