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Racist Tirade: Man Threatens To ‘Decapitate’ Asian Woman For Turning Down His Advances



Video footage captured a man going on a racist tirade against an Asian woman who turned down his advances.

According to The Philippine Daily Enquirer, 28-year-old Rylee Dodd was seen giving the Nazi salute and threatening to “decapitate” Patricia Anne Medrano after she refused to fall for his advances.

Dodd was arrested by Edmonton Police over the incident that took place last week.

Medrano posted the incident on Facebook, claiming that on July 6, Dodd launched into racist tirade after she refused to give him her phone number.

“Since I don’t want to give my number, he keep on insisting to give his number to me,” Medrano said.

“I just told my brothers to ignore him … but he is really being disrespectful and saying racial slurs like ‘Go back to your country!’, ‘This is Canada, not Wuhan. You spread the virus,’” she continued.

Dodd can be heard yelling in the video, “I’ll kill you. I’ll f*cking decapitate you.” “Filipino little b****.” “Get the f*ck out of Canada.”

According to a spokesperson from the Edmonton Police, Dodd was charged with “uttering threats and assault in relation to this incident.”

“Our Hate Crime & Violent Extremism Unit is also aware and are looking into this,” the spokesperson added.

You can see the video footage below:

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