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‘Race War Is Coming’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Ranting About ‘Radical Marxists’ Coming For Your Guns Over Rittenhouse Verdict



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican congresswoman and QAnon prophet Marjorie Taylor Greene lunched into a Sunday morning Twitter tirade, telling her followers that “radical Marxists” are coming for everyone’s guns following the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal and that a Democratic-led “race war” is coming.

“The radical Marxists in this country are currently building their attack to dismantle our Second Amendment, Taylor Greene wrote on Twitter.

“Their fake outrage and lies about Kyle Rittenhouse is their vehicle on the road to disarming America. Communist Democrats will call for ‘gun control now to protect peaceful BLM protestors first amendment rights.’ The media will glamorize BLM and ‘victims of white supremacy,'” she continued. “All lawful gun owners & freedom loving God fearing Americans DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fall into this trap.”

“They will stay on their lying message constantly about ‘angry white men are a threat to black lives.'” she added.

In her rant, the Georgia lawmaker urged and conservatives need to hang onto their guns and “Protect yourself with the full armor of God.”

“Give them nothing. Because if you do, they will take everything, starting with our guns first. During this time of testing, men must be the strongest… They want a race war in a country where we aren’t racist. Protect yourself with the full armor of God. ”