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QAnon Fanatics Gather In Dallas Expecting JFK Jr. To ‘Reappear’ And Make Trump ‘King of Kings’



QAnon Dallas

In Texas, hundreds of QAnon supporters have gathered in Dallas, claiming that John F. Kennedy Jr. —who died in 1999 along with his wife and sister-in-law after their plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean off Martha’s Vineyard— will reappear to reinstate former President Donald Trump as head of the state, The Dallas Morning News reports.

The conspiracy theorists gathered in Dealey Plaza —the location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963— where they believe JFK Jr. will make an announcement declaring Trump president.

The group also believes that former national security adviser Michael Flynn would be appointed as JFK Jr.’s vice president, making Trump the “King of Kings.”

As reported by Forbes, “JFK Jr. has been a popular figure in the QAnon community for years. in 2019, some members believed that he would return on July 4 as Trump’s vice president.”

Morning News cited QAnon supporter Micki Larson-Olson saying that “she believes that both JFK Jr. and his father are still alive and the former president will help usher in the Trump-JFK Jr. administration.”

“We’ll figure that something happened in the plan that made it not safe to do it,” Larson-Olson said. “If it doesn’t go down how I believe it will, that’s OK. We’ll figure it just wasn’t the right time.”

Pots shared on social media show numerous QAnon followers in the plaza.

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