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George Santos Launches Twitter Vendetta Against Fellow Republicans



Former U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY) (Photo: Imgur)

Shortly after being ousted from Congress by over 300 House of Representatives members, Rep. George Santos (R-NY) wasted no time in engaging in confrontations.

Approaching midnight on Friday, Santos targeted Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), who had explained her vote to remove Santos on a news program. Malliotakis, in a video on her Twitter/X account, accused Santos of misusing campaign funds for personal indulgences such as Botox, a porn website, and luxury items like Ferrangamo and Hermes, stating that such actions were inexcusable.

Expressing the House’s decision to expel Santos, Malliotakis asserted, “we believe we’ve seen enough; he does not merit to serve in this body, and his constituents deserve better.”

In a retaliatory tweet, Santos accused Malliotakis of hypocrisy and even suggested she engaged in insider trading, drawing parallels to Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s stock trades. He criticized Malliotakis as a “dirty dishonorable swamp creature” and threw in a personal note about his pride as a gay man.

“Let’s talk about hypocrisy,” he wrote. “Can someone ask Nicole MalioStockTips when did she become a savant in stock trading?”

Santos then announced his intention to file an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Malliotakis for her stock trading activities on Monday, alleging questionable practices since joining the Ways and Means committee.

“On Monday I will be filling an official complaint with the Office of congressional Ethics against @NMalliotakis regarding her questionable stock trading since joining the Ways and Means committee this Congress,” he wrote. “Before joining the committee the congresswoman didn’t have an active trading habit or a high volume stake. The question is, what set of information is she trading with?”

The Twitter feud continued as Santos addressed a separate incident involving Rep. Brandon Williams, caught on camera threatening a former staffer at a Washington DC holiday party. Naturally, Santos, in his apparent newly discovered role as a crusader against congressional corruption, couldn’t resist commenting, posting the video to his account on X.

“Hey @Brandon4ny22 this you? Attacking people is not cool or ethical!” he said.

In a later post, he called on New York rep Andrew Garbarino, a member of the House ethics committee, to take action.

“Unethical behavior that will get a slap on the wrist from @RepMichaelGuest and band. I’m told @RepGarbarino was there and saw everything… will he be taking matters into his own hands and doing the right thing as a member of the Ethics Committee? But hey they said I was lying today on the house floor when I said it’s all about late partying and drinking… Here you have some solid proof America!”

n a subsequent post, Santos called attention to the alleged misconduct, challenging the Ethics Committee to address the issue seriously.

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