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‘Proud’ MAGA Rioter Loses His Freedom In Humiliating Fashion



Pro-Trump rioter Sean David Watson, who boasted that his incursion into the US Capitol during the attack on January 6 was “the proudest day of my life,” was finally arrested by federal agents on Wednesday, and he is “mortified” about it.

Watson thought he’d make a splash with co-workers by showing off cellphone videos from his participation in the deadly insurrection. It turned out to be a bad day at the office, however: One of them tipped off the FBI.

Alpine TX resident was arrested Wednesday by the FBI with the help of that evidence. In its criminal complaint, the agents also quoted another witness as having heard Watson displaying his videography with the boast “I fucked shit up.”

Watson first denied his participation when interviewed by agents. But the FBI said it found texts, photo and videos on Watson’s phone from inside the Capitol.

“I am fine. I was one of the people that helped storm the capitol building and smash out the windows. We made history today. Proudest day of my life!” Later that day, Watson texts, “Got some videos and pics will share them when I get back.”

Watson faces charges of unlawful and violent entry and disorderly conduct at the Capitol.

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