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Prosecutors Urged Breonna Taylor’s Ex-Boyfriend To Take Plea Deal Implicating Her In Drug Scandal: Attorney



Breonna Taylor’s family attorney released documents on Monday that showed prosecutors offered the victim’s ex-boyfriend a plea deal in which he would have to implicate her as part of his drug-dealing operation.

Sam Aguiar, a Louisville-based attorney, shared photos of the documents on Facebook that show ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover was offered a deal in which he would have to implicate Taylor in his crimes.

Taylor was killed earlier this year after three police officers intruded her house and shot multiple gunshots at the victim during a no-knock raid.

“Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine tried to give the Elliott Ave. defendants a plea deal on July 13 which would have identified Breonna Taylor as a ‘co-defendant’ for actions related to the arrests on April 22, 2020,” Aguiar writes.

Police tried to justify the no-knock raid on the apartment where Taylor lived because Glover had purportedly used it as a place to store drugs.

After killing Taylor, police found zero drugs in her apartment. Glover has also insisted that she was not part of his operation.

“When was Breonna Taylor ever a co-defendant?” Aguiar asks. “And oh by the way, the cops killed her a month and a half before April 22 and four months to the day before the date of this effort to get a plea deal (which was rejected).”

You can read the attorney’s post below:

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