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Prominent Republicans Have Joined A Facebook Group Encouraging A Civil War



Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock (R-Milford) and his wife, Meshawn Maddock, who is poised to become the next co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, have joined a Facebook group that has members discussing the possibility of a civil war and pushing for a “big cleanup” of elected leaders.

The Maddocks played a big role in the riots that happened in Washington D.C., where Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol. According to Detroit Free Press, “Meshawn Maddock helped organize buses bringing Michigan Trump supporters to Washington, and she and her husband spoke during a rally of Trump supporters the day before the violent mob attacked the Capitol. At least six Michigan residents have been arrested in connection with the riot, and at least one Michigan resident entered the Capitol building.”

The two joined a Facebook group on Monday named “Milford Conservatives Matter.”

According to the report, the group was created over the weekend and has already attracted nearly 450 members.

The group’s description reads, “I’m SO sick and tired of the liberal crap on the other Milford sites … time we have our own group. I’d love to leave all political stuff aside, but I’m tired hearing from the left especially.”

Upon joining the group, Meshawn Maddock wrote, “Lord thank you for this,” followed by a heart sign.

The group members then started commenting about a possible civil war. Many commenters said they hope that is not the case but are prepared for the possibility. “I hope not but as always im locked and loaded,” one member of the group wrote. Another member was more enthusiastic about the prospect. “Plenty of ammo … bring it!” the member wrote.

One member weighed in on the discussion with a lengthy reply: “It’s not going to be a fight of people against people as many reference to. Yes, we have the guns and balls compared to liberals. We would win a fight against them. But we’ve already established that they’re too chicken to actually fight for anything. Therefore, It’ll be a fight of The People against the government. In that case, it will be bad.”

In another post to the Facebook group, one member celebrated the fear instilled in federal lawmakers after they were forced to seek safety and shelter in secure locations as the Capitol was overtaken by a violent mob.

The member posted a meme showing a man peacefully sleeping with the text, “How I’ll sleep knowing our congressmen and senators are scared for their lives.” The member added, “Let’s hope there’s a big cleanup coming.”

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