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Pro-Trump Sheriff’s Deputy Who Shared Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Dies Of COVID-19



A Colorado sheriff’s deputy known for sharing anti-vaccine content on social has died of COVID-19, the Denver Sherrif office announced this week.

As noted by Newsweek, Daniel “Duke” Trujillo, 33, served as a deputy sheriff for 7 years and had recently been appointed vice-president of the Denver Sheriff Latino Organization. He died this Wednesday from the virus.

Trujillo, a self-declared Trump supporter, posted anti-vaccine images and videos rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine. content on Twitter and Facebook. A photo he posted in early May said, “I have an immune system,” suggesting that he could fight off the virus naturally. In late April, he posted a profile picture that read, “I don’t care if you’ve had your vaccine.”

He also shared a TikTok video of a man saying: “You f***sticks are really out on social media going ‘Of course I went and got my vaccine! I did my research, I know what’s in it, you peasants. Oh buddy, you are the research.”