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Pro-Trump Arizona ‘Elector’ Who Signed Bogus ‘Certification’ Flees From Reporter’s Questioning



Jake Hoffman

A video is making the rounds across social media showing Arizona state Rep. Jake Hoffman, one of the Republicans who signed a fake election “certification” alleging that he was a Republican elector appointed for former President Donald Trump’s nonexistent victory in Arizona, fleeing from a reporter who asked him about his role in the forgery.

A reporter from with 12 News caught up with Hoffman and demanded he explain how he had authority as an elector, he said, “in unprecedented times, unprecedented action does occur.”

When the reporter asked if Hoffman received any direction from anyone, he tried to deflect saying: “I was one of the electors, I’m not in charge of the electors,” Hoffman said, according to the video reported by Raw Story.

“How did you hear about it?” asked the reporter.

“You would need to ask the party chair that,” he said.

“Ask [the party chair] how you got a phone call?!” the reporter shot back in disbelief.

At this point, Hoffman simply turned around and walked away.

Raw Story also noted that “Two days ago, another Republican official involved in the forged election certificates, Kathy Berden, defended the plot because ‘that was a long time ago.'”

Watch the video below:


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