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President Biden Reacts To Verdict In Rittenhouse Homicide Trial



Joe Biden

President Joe Biden on Friday reacted to the verdict on the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse saying he stands by the jury’s decision to acquit Rittenhouse and urged Americans to express their views on the outcome “peacefully.”

“Well look, I stand by what the jury has concluded. The jury system works and we have to abide by it,” the president said when asked about the decision by reporters at the White House.

In a statement released later on Friday, Biden said he, like “many Americans,” feels “angry and concerned” about the verdict, but urged Americans to express their views on the outcome “peacefully.”

“We must acknowledge that the jury has spoken,” he said.

“I know that we’re not going to heal our country’s wounds overnight, but I remain steadfast in my commitment to do everything in my power to ensure that every American is treated equally, with fairness and dignity, under the law,” he added.

The jury found Rittenhouse —who killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and wounded a third— not guilty on all five of the charges he faced, including intentional homicide.


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