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‘Pool Boy’ Spills The Beans On ‘Sexual Predators’ Jerry Falwell Jr And His Wife In CNN Interview



Appearing on CNN on Monday, a former pool attendant who earlier this month made explosive allegations against former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki Falwell, opened up about his experience with the prominent evangelical couple.

Giancarlo Granda told host Alisyn Camerota that Falwell and his wife engaged in “predatory behavior,” and claimed that the former Liberty University boss would regularly threaten him if he told anyone about his sexual relationship with the family.

Granda also revealed that Falwell regularly “instructed me to lie” when contacted by reporters, while also claiming that Falwell made secret recordings of him that he used to keep him from going public.

“He secretly recorded me, he was hanging it over my head and he kept saying, ‘Look, just be a good soldier and at some point, we’re going to buy your equity stake and you can walk away,’” he explained. “In the meantime, he was getting what he wanted, me having sex with Becki while he watched every single time. So in the meantime, he’s getting exactly what he wanted and to me that’s predatory behavior.”

Jerry Falwell resigned as president of Liberty University after Granda alleged that he would regularly watch Granda have sex with Becki Falwell.

Watch the video below.


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