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Police Officer Fired After Saying It Was ‘Unfortunate’ That COVID-19 Didn’t ‘Kill All The Blacks’: Report



Officer Steven Aucoin in Kaplan, Louisiana was fired after it was discovered that he wrote extremely racist remarks on social media, according to The Olympian.

According to the report, during a live stream of a COVID-19 press conference by Gov. John Bel Edwards, one commentator said: “virus that was created to kill all the BLACKS is death.”

Responding to that comment, Aucoin said: “Well it didn’t work … how unfortunate.”

According to Tanasia Kenny, the Kaplan Police Department issued a statement shortly after the firing of Aucoin.

“The Kaplan Police Department confirmed officer Steven Aucoin’s firing in a Facebook post on May 15, saying it was ‘aware of the situation’ and dismissed Aucoin after an investigation into comments the officer made online just hours earlier,” reported Kenney. The department issued a statement saying, “Chief [Joshua] Hardy and the Kaplan Police Department would like to apologize for this matter.”

According to The Olympian, Aucoin has a history of racist posts, at one point writing, “I can’t wait until the next part of the plan is implemented and they see what’s in store for their kind.”

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