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Police Conduct Welfare Check On Britney Spears After Viral Knife Dancing Video



Britney Spears has sparked concern following her viral knife dancing video.
Britney Spears has sparked concern following her viral knife dancing video. (Photo: imgur)

Local law enforcement officials conducted a welfare check on Britney Spears on Thursday in response to her viral knife dancing video. Afterward, she posted another video with injuries, including a bandage on her arm, a cut on her leg, and a bruise on her back, raising concerns among her fans.

On Monday night, Britney shared a video on Instagram where she danced barefoot in her living room while clanging knives together. She claimed they were not real knives, suggesting it was for Halloween, but some fans doubted the authenticity of the knives based on the sound they made.

The next day, she posted a similar video in the same outfit, without knives, but with visible injuries on her arm and back. Britney didn’t mention the injuries in her caption, leading fans to speculate that the knives were real and had caused the wounds.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears. (screenshot)

In response to these concerns, deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department visited Britney’s Thousand Oaks residence in Los Angeles out of caution. They spoke with Britney, ensuring her well-being before departing, according to TMZ.

This isn’t the first time law enforcement has checked on the pop star. In January 2023, police responded to concerns when she deactivated her Instagram account, but she later reassured her fans that she was okay.

Even if the knives were not responsible for the injuries, fans remain worried as Britney had previously mentioned feeling weaker due to recent weight loss in a now-deleted caption on another dancing video. She expressed her frustrations and concerns about her physical condition and how she’s perceived by others. However, she later altered the caption to address the knife dancing video, attributing it to an attempt to emulate Shakira.