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Peter Doocy Taken Aback After Being Schooled For Posing Ridiculous Question About Afghanistan



Peter Doocey

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy tried to create a controversy by saying that President Joe Biden’s administration “gave a country” to terrorists ——referring to Afghanistan—— only to be schooled by National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby.

During a White House briefing on the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri, Doocy accused Biden of “giving” the middle eastern country to terrorists. “What did you think was going to happen?” Doocy asked.

“I would take issue with the premise that we gave a whole country to terrorist groups,” Kirby replied.

Doocy pressed on by saying: “It’s harboring the world’s number one terrorist, how is that not giving a country to a terrorist-sympathizing group?”

But Kirby was not having it.

“I mean, Peter, the way you ask that, it makes it sound like we owned Afghanistan a year ago,” the White House official remarked. “It wasn’t our country. It was an independent sovereign state and the president made a bold decision to end a war that had been going on for 20 years.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.