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Pennsylvania AG Tells Trump To Stop The ‘Sad’ Election ‘Lunacy’ And Just ‘Move On’



Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro had a message for Donald Trump on Tuesday during his appearance on CNN. The Democratic attorney general told the president to “move on” with his delusions and allow Joe Biden to transition peacefully.

“It is sad, really,” said Shapiro. “These suits are being filed in court, in a court of law, but really they’re for an audience of one and that is the Republican president of the United States, and some Republicans are just too afraid to stand up to him.”

“They’re being thrown out of all sorts of courts, local courts, state courts, now the U.S. Supreme Court,” said anchor Wolf Blitzer. “There was one sentence, Attorney General, one sentence order by the U.S. Supreme Court. What sort of message does that send about how the Supreme Court views these efforts?”

“I think it sends a crystal-clear message, and it is time for us to move on,” said Shapiro. “It is time for us to stop stirring the pot, stop trying to create confusion, to stop wasting resources and to move on with a transition in this country.”

Shapiro concluded with a message for the Republican lawmakers still sticking by Trump: “You know, courage isn’t following the lies of Donald Trump or the lunacy that he wants you to follow, courage is following the law. And that is what we’re seeing here in Pennsylvania. The law is being followed. The Electoral College will meet and there will be 20 votes certified for Joe Biden.”

Take a look at his remarks below: