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Parents Sue Trump After He Shared Doctored Video Of ‘Racist’ Baby



Donald Trump is now paying the consequences after sharing a doctored video that claimed to depict a “racist” white baby chasing a Black baby.

Trump had shared the video earlier this year on his social media but was later taken down by Twitter. Now, the parents of the children in the video are suing the president.

According to TMZ, he parents are suing Trump for sharing a video of their two children without their permission and “inflicting emotional distress” upon them by misrepresenting an interraction between their children.

The original video shows two toddlers, one Black and one White, running towards each other and hugging after not seeing each other for a while.

Pro-Trump internet trolls took the tail end of the video and made a parody of a CNN report that claimed that white baby was a racist Trump supporter chasing down the Black baby. Trump then shared that video

In their lawsuit, the parents claim that Trump tried “to exploit the children’s images for his own purposes and gain” in order to promote “his brand of sensationalism in complete disregard for the truth.” They also accused the makers of the doctored video of debasing something that was originally seen “as the epitome of love and unity.”

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