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Panic-Driven: Trump’s Terrified Bid To Evade Justice Takes Center Stage



Donald Trump is reportedly terrified of going to prison
Former President Donald Trump. (Archive)

In a recent interview with Mary Trump, former White House reporter Brian Karem pulled back the curtain, revealing Trump’s visceral fear—a fear so palpable that it’s shaping the trajectory of his political maneuvering. The anxiety gripping the former president stems from a dire predicament: the looming threat of legal consequences that could culminate in incarceration.

Karem, no stranger to challenging Trump during his tenure, asserted that Trump’s return as the GOP’s nominee is doubtful and suggested that beneath the veneer of bombastic bravado lies a man “scared to death,” grappling with the haunting specter of a potential jail sentence.

“I remain unconvinced that Donald Trump will be on the ballot next November, and so I’m holding onto that,” Karem said in the interview published Thursday.

Injecting grim irony into the conversation, Karem envisioned a scenario where federal authorities might reclaim Alcatraz as a prison solely for one occupant—Donald Trump himself. With a touch of dark satire, Karem painted a picture of the former president confined to this iconic island, complete with a modest golf course and a surreal routine of posing in an orange jumpsuit for paying tourists.

Behind the jest, Karem underscored the gravity of Trump’s legal woes, dismissing the notion that the former president relishes the attention from being barred in certain states. According to Karem, Trump is not happy with these legal decisions; instead, he is “scared to death” and in “panic mode.”

“I know it scares the living crap out of him, but at the same time, Maggie Haberman in the New York Times said she believes he’s happy with this decision. I don’t think he’s happy with this outcome,” he told Mary Trump. “I think he’s scared to death of these decisions. I think he’s scared to death of all the rulings that go against him, and I think he’s in a panic mode.”

This revelation aligns with Karem’s earlier assertion that Trump had a calculated plan to stay in office irrespective of democratic mandates.

“So, you kind of knew what was going on right then, the understanding that there was always a conspiracy to stay in office. If you didn’t know it that day, then I think you’re pretty dense. I mean, he kind of telegraphed everything,” he said.

The unfolding legal drama is not playing out as Trump may have envisioned. Now, his political maneuvers have taken on a new hue: it’s no longer a bid for power but a frantic attempt to stay out of prison.

The question now is not whether Trump will make a political comeback but whether he can sidestep the long arm of justice.