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Only 3 People Showed Up At Maryland’s Anti-Quarantine Protest



Far-right groups continue to call for anti-quarantine riots around the country. But a protest that was planned for Monday morning to protest Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has flopped hard, as only three people showed up to the event.

On Monday morning, ABC 7 News’ Maryland bureau chief Brad Bell reported that there was “no sign” of an anti-stay-at-home protest that had been scheduled to start at 9 a.m. at Church Circle in Annapolis, roughly one block away from the Maryland State House.

One hour later, Bell reported that a total of three people had shown up to Church Circle to demand the immediate reopening of America’s economy.

Check out the photos below.

The lack of protestors sends a big message to both President Donald Trump and Fox News, who have been promoting protests aimed at “liberating” states that have been locked down due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, as people are starting to reassess their safety over the economy.

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