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Officer Who Was With Trump In Motorcade On Jan 6 Confirms Altercation With Secret Service



A Washington, DC, police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department, who was in the motorcade with the Secret Service for Trump on January 6, has corroborated to the House select committee investigating January 6 insurrection, details regarding an altercation between former President Donald Trump and his Secret Service detail when he was told he could not go to the US Capitol after his rally, CNN reported Thursday night, citing a source familiar with the matter.

According to the news network, the officer recounted what he saw to committee investigators, according to the source.

The description of the heated exchange between Trump and his Secret Service detail was a striking moment during last month’s testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

Hutchinson told the Jan 6 Committee that then-White House deputy chief of staff Tony Ornato informed her that Trump was so enraged at his Secret Service detail for blocking him from going to the Capitol on the day of the insurrection that “he reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel” and “then used his free hand to lunge towards” his Secret Service lead agent Robert Engel.

Hutchinson testified that Ornato told her the story in front of Engel and he did not dispute the account.

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