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Obama Fires Blistering Condemnation Of Trump’s Attempt To Sabotage The Election



Former President Barack Obama blasted Donald Trump on Friday while speaking with former campaign manager David Plouffe, according to CNN.

Obama specifically pointed at the Trump administration’s attack on the United States Postal Office and their attempt to sabotage the upcoming election.

“What we’ve seen in a way that is unique to modern political history is a President who is explicit in trying to discourage people from voting,” he said. “What we’ve never seen before is a President say, ‘I’m going to try to actively kneecap the postal service to discourage voting and I will be explicit about the reason I’m doing it.’”

Obama said that Republicans have already put up several barriers to voting, such as voter ID laws.

But he argued that Trump’s efforts were on a whole new level.

“You now have the President throwing in this additional monkey wrench trying to starve the postal service,” he said. “My question is what are Republicans doing where you are so scared of people voting that you are now willing to undermine what is part of the basic infrastructure of American life?”

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