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NYT: Clarance Thomas Said His Main Goal As Justice Is To ‘Make Liberals’ Lives Miserable’



Justice Clarence Thomas

According to a report re-published by The new York Times, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told his law clerks he intended to serve on the highest court of the land to make the lives of liberals “miserable.”

Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court in 1991 amid contentious confirmation hearings over sexual harassment allegations by one of his subordinates, Anita Hill, who accused the justice of repeated, unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate conduct in the workplace. He was ultimately confirmed in a 52-48 vote.

According to The New York Times, however, the conservative Supreme Court Justice was resentful of the media coverage of his confirmation hearing.

The newspaper reported that during a conversation with his clerks in 1993, Thomas expressed his desire to serve on the court until the year 2034 in order to torment liberals.

“The liberals made my life miserable for 43 years,” a former clerk remembered Thomas saying, according to The Times. “And I’m going to make their lives miserable for 43 years.”

On Friday, Thomas and his right-wing colleagues overturned federal abortion protections established in Roe v. Wade. In a concurring opinion, Thomas indicated he also believes the Supreme Court should “reconsider” the federal right to use birth control and same-sex activity and gay marriage.

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