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North Carolina GOP Proposes Bill To Allow ‘Deadly Force’ To Stop Women From Getting Abortions



North Carolina Republicans

North Carolina Republicans have unveiled a bill that would authorize the use of “deadly force” to stop people in the state from getting abortions, according
to Democratic state senator Jeff Jackson, who called the proposal “completely insane.”

In a video posted on his social media accounts and reported by the Charlotte Observer, Jackson drew attention to North Carolina House Bill 158, a piece of legislation drafted last year that extends the rights of personhood to fetuses and says that “any person who willfully seeks to destroy the life of another person, by any means, at any stage of life, or succeeds in doing so, shall be held accountable for attempted murder or for first-degree murder, respectively.”

The bill goes on to say that “any person has the right to defend his or her own life or the life of another person, even by the use of deadly force if necessary, from willful destruction by another person.” As noted by Raw Story, this implies that any citizen would have the right to kill a doctor performing an abortion or a woman taking an abortion pill.

In his video, Jackson comments that the bill makes it legal to “kill a doctor or a nurse or anyone involved” in the process of terminating a pregnancy.

As the Charlotte Observer, however, the bill authorizing “deadly force” to stop abortions has received “little support” and has been stuck in committee since first being introduced.

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