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Newsom Delivers Blunt Fact-Checks to Sean Hannity During Intense Fox News Interview



Gavin Newsom vs Sean Hannity

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) broke through the Fox News narrative on Monday, challenging host Sean Hannity’s assertions about President Joe Biden, ridiculing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), and criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for his handling of migrants.

In response to Hannity’s defense of DeSantis’ controversial practice of relocating migrants, which critics view as a political maneuver to bolster his 2024 presidential aspirations, Newsom forcefully questioned the ethics behind such actions. “Why do you use people as pawns?” Newsom queried, adding, “What faith tradition teaches you to treat human beings like this ― to belittle them, to demean them?”

Hannity proposed a televised debate between Newsom and DeSantis, with himself as the moderator. Newsom swiftly accepted the challenge, expressing enthusiasm for a three-hour debate on short notice and without any prepared notes. He highlighted topics such as DeSantis’ tendency to demonize others and his alleged assault on free enterprise.

Additionally, Newsom offered a prediction about DeSantis’ prospects in the 2024 election, asserting that former President Donald Trump would outperform him. Newsom’s prediction hinted at a potentially challenging political landscape for DeSantis.

Turning to Hannity’s persistent claims regarding President Biden’s fitness for office, Newsom countered with examples of Biden’s achievements, including the infrastructure deal and the CHIPS and Science Act. The California governor also emphasized that Biden had created six times more jobs than the last three Republican presidents combined.

In response to a compilation of Biden’s verbal slips and physical missteps presented by Hannity, Newsom confidently affirmed Biden’s capability, citing the president’s track record of delivering tangible results. Newsom also highlighted the recent bipartisan agreement to raise the debt ceiling, which left many conservatives dissatisfied, as evidence of Biden’s effectiveness.

Newsom concluded the fiery exchange by emphasizing how Biden had outmaneuvered McCarthy, leaving the House Speaker feeling played by the president.

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