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Newsmax Host Suggests He Can Prove Voter Fraud Against Because Foreign Governments Told Him



A host from the far-right Newsmax TV suggested on Thursday that he can prove that voter fraud was committed against Donald Trump because he spoke with foreign governments about it.

“Now, I want both of you guys to comment on this, because we learned today — a lot of Americans are probably learning this for the first time … about how our votes are — how much foreign countries play a role in tabulating our votes, which is insane,” host Chris Salcedo claimed. “But a lot of those journalists for the first time, we’re hearing this reality today. Even the Chris Salcedo Show is being reached out to by individuals in foreign governments, claiming that these foreign governments have knowledge of this mass, massive voter fraud in the U.S. election.”

Salcedo went on to posit a “hypothetical” in which a foreign government with a “dossier” on election fraud against Trump blackmailed Joe Biden into working against U.S. interests.

Trump has yet to be able to prove that any sort of voter fraud was committed. He has also lost 30 lawsuits regarding the election so far.

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