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Newsmax Host Claims Trump Will Still Be Inaugurated And Fails To Believe Biden Won



Despite the network recognizing Joe Biden as the president-elect of the United States, Newsmax host Greg Kelly told viewers this week that Donald Trump “could still be inaugurated.”

Kelly said, “Now, I do know that there are smart, informed people who are saying that Joe Biden is the president-elect. Now, I disagree with them, and it’s not just a hunch that I’m going on, it’s the Constitution.”

While Trump has lost more than 50 lawsuits due to the lack of evidence, Kelly argues that justification for Biden’s win is needed. “At this point, there is some political and some historical justification for them to do so at this point. I personally feel they’re wrong.”

During the same segment, Kelly criticized Biden’s address following the Electoral College vote as he insisted that there is still a “significant chance” Trump could be the candidate inaugurated in January 2021.

“Hey, remember Joe Biden’s speech yesterday when purportedly, he clinched the Electoral College? He didn’t do too much talking,” Kelly said. “He did more coughing, it seemed like. A small sample of the coughs and I’m concerned because the way it’s looking for Joe, his health, I don’t think he’s gonna make it for Donald Trump’s second inauguration.”

He added, “Yes, on January 20th, I do believe that there is a significant chance that Donald Trump could be inaugurated.”

Repeatedly, Kelly continued to spread dangerous misinformation as he argued that the election is still “not over.”

“Hey, it is not over,” Kelly said, adding, “It’s not, actually. You can look it up in the Constitution. See what happens folks.”

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