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New Election Scandal Sparks Outrage After GOP Lawmaker Tries To Manipulate Election Results: Report



Colorado Republican Chairman Ken Buck is receiving backlash from his own party after he was caught pressuring a party official to submit inaccurate election results, according to reports.

According to the Denver Post, Buck, who is also a U.S. Congressman, was caught on an audio recording attempting to manipulate a local party official to submit the wrong election results to set the primary ballot for a state Senate seat.

“You’ve got a sitting congressman, a sitting state party chair, who is trying to bully a volunteer — I’m a volunteer; I don’t get paid for this — into committing a crime,” Eli Bremer, the GOP chairman for state Senate District 10, told The Post. “To say it’s damning is an understatement.”

According to the report, Buck then spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees defending his move.

“We’re touching on something here that’s not quite clean, and it’s not quite the image I have of what the party ought to be,” Denver Republican Party chair Kris Cook said, adding: “I think it’s worth questioning whether him in that role is going to have a negative effect on the rest of this cycle.”

According to The Times-Call, Buck made a conference call on April 17 where he “pressured Eli Bremer, a GOP chairman for state Senate District 10, to follow the direction of the central and executive committees and certify that a Senate candidate had won a place on the ballot. The candidate, however, did not receive 30% in an assembly vote as required by the state. Filing that paperwork would have been illegal, Bremer told Buck on the call, but the chair persisted.”

“Ultimately, a Bremer ally filed a friendly lawsuit in Denver District Court, where a judge ruled that the move would indeed have been illegal,” the report continues. “The GOP appealed the matter to the Colorado Supreme Court, which declined Tuesday to hear the case, cementing the decision.”

You can read more about the scandal HERE.

Listen to the leaked audio below:

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