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New Ad Shows Trump’s Legacy Built On Tombstones Of Covid Victims



A new political ad released by The Lincoln Project delivers a scathing exposé of President Donald Trump’s legacy when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ad shows Trump’s infamous border wall made from the tombstones of the more than 330,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19.

The silent clip, shared on Twitter earlier this week, displays the figure 330,901 – referring to the number of Covid deaths in the US.

“More than 330,901 Americans are dead,” states the video. It then shows a mocked-up version of the president’s US-Mexico border wall, with a row of tombstones stacked on top of the concrete structure, which is lined with flowers and a US flag.

“This is Trump’s wall,” another message reads. “Paid for with 330,901 American lives”, it adds.

“330k+ dead and counting. Because of the #TrumpVirus,” says a Twitter post accompanying the video.

Trump has been widely criticized for his approach to the pandemic. During the election campaign, he crisscrossed the country for public rallies, disregarding public health advice and refusing to wear a face mask.

Watch the clip below.