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MSNBC Panelist Warns Trump Is ‘Readying His People For Violent Mutiny’ If He Loses Election



During Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” panelist Brittany Packnett Cunningham warned that the GOP’s decision to feature Patricia and Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis homeowners who pointed their guns at peaceful protesters passing by their home this summer, at the upcoming Republican National Convention is an attempt by President Donald Trump to get his base ready for violence if the election goes for Joe Biden.

Asked by host Jonathan Capehart Cunningham what she made of the “felonious couple” being featured at the RNC, Cunningham said her interpretation was one that President Donald Trump was readying a “mutiny” if he loses the November presidential election.

“It says that Donald Trump wants to give permission to the people who intend to harm us,” Cunningham said. “And the people who are doing that are now going to be held up as a paragon of American values. They are going to be held up as the very people that everyone watching the RNC who plans to vote for Donald Trump should be ready to emulate.”

“And let’s connect the dots here — they’re not just going to be ready to emulate them between now and November. I am very, very worried about the fact that given all of the invalidating rhetoric that Donald Trump has used about this election, attempting to undermine results before we even get them, that he is readying his people for violent mutiny if the results don’t go his way.”

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