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MSNBC Cuts From Trump’s Rambling To Fact-Check Him For Lying About His Economic Growth



During a Monday press briefing, Donald Trump started boasting about the economy under his presidency. MSNBC decided to cut into Trump’s rambling to fact-check him.

During the briefing, Trump took credit for a historic rate of job growth. But NBC correspondent Jo Ling Kent warned there were signs that economic growth was slowing down.

“He just said it is the fastest recovery ever. if you take a look at the numbers, you do see a very rapid recovery back in May and June when about 7.5 million jobs were added back to the economy, but the rate of job growth since then has slowed down, especially back in August,” she explained.

“So he’s touting the August jobs report, but when you look closer, yes, 1.4 million new jobs added to the economy is a step in the right direction, but you see the slowing down of hiring, which could become very problematic.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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