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‘Motherf*cker’: Leaked Audio Of Russian Military Officials Unloading On Putin Over Ukraine War Has Been Released



Vladimir Putin

An audio recording of two high-ranking military officials cursing and raging at Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin over the invasion of Ukraine has been obtained by Radio Free Europe, The Daily Beast reports.

In the audio the officials hurl an expletive-filled-rant, complaining that the invasion has turned into a quagmire despite predictions by Kremlin officials it would meet little resistance, saying “you’re f*cked, Putin—motherf*cker,” and calling Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu a “f*cking incompetent layman.”

The report identifies the two officials as Colonel Maksim Vlasov and Colonel Vitaly Kovtun, who, by their comments, are extremely unhappy with Putin and Shoigu.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was a particular target of their ire, with Vlasov stating, “There are horrible losses of our guys, f*ck. And you know, I am familiar with military history a bit, and I compare this to the f*cking Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. It’s f*cking one and the same,” before referring to Shoigu as a “incompetent f*cking layman,” and adding, “This is not his f*cking thing. He’s just a f*cking showman.”

“Shoigu is f*cking shit, Kovtun replied. “There are no contracted forces. Of course not! Why would there f*cking be? They paid them 30,000 rubles [$490], where are they going to get contractees?” he ranted, according to the report.

They also directed their anger at Putin as they complained about military strategy with Kovtun complaining that Russian military has had its hands tied.

“A f*cking rocket should fly into the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv. That’s it, f*ck it,” According to the transcript, he raged, Why didn’t [a rocket] f*cking fly? I don’t f*cking get it, you’re f*cked, Putin—motherf*cker! Why didn’t a rocket fly into Kyiv, so they’d think… f*ck, yes, for f*ck’s sake there’s something wrong… something hasn’t been done the right way.”

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