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More Than 47,000 People Sign Petition To Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene From Congress



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Calls to expel GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are gaining steam as members of her party are condemning the QAnon fanatic after she compared U.S. Capitol mask restrictions to the Holocaust. So far, more than 47,000 people have signed a petition to remove Greene from Congress.

Greene, who was removed from several House committees for spreading QAnon lies and using questionable tactics to delay uncontroversial bills, recently told a podcast host that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s continuing pandemic mask requirement was similar to Jews “told to wear a gold star” in Nazi Germany concentration camps.

In the aftermath, tens of thousands of tweets Sunday caused the #TimeToExpelMarjorie hashtag to emerge atop Twitter.

The petitions were created that seek action from Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. A petition entitled “Kevin McCarthy must expel Marjorie Taylor Greene” surpassed 47,000 signatures Monday less than 24 hours after the page was created.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene cannot even be trusted to be on any committees and is only in office to disrupt order and cause chaos,” wrote petition creator David Weissman, who stressed that his U.S. military background allowed him to assess her as a very real threat to Congress and national security.

“Her recent comments comparing Covid-19 CDC guidelines to the Holocaust are deeply offensive and are just one of the many different ways she’s violated her oath as a member of Congress. I used to believe the Republican Party stood for decency, family values and good faith principles, but any continued support of Marjorie Taylor Greene, renders that demonstrably untrue,” the petition concluded.
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Greene’s latest remarks on masks and the Holocaust prompted denunciation from Republicans. Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney said the Georgia congresswoman’s comments embodied “evil lunacy,” while Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted Saturday in response: “Absolute sickness.”

CNN host Dana Bash conceded she didn’t even want to draw attention to Greene’s Holocaust-mask comparison, but added “this is somebody with a big megaphone” who faces no backlash from Republican Party leaders.