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Michigan Police Refuse Entry To Fake GOP Electors Trying To Cast Vote For Trump



A group of self-proclaimed Republican electors were denied entrance to Michigan’s Capitol on Monday.

Photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager captured footage of state police denying entrance to the fake electors.

“Per the governor’s office, per the Speaker of the House, per the Speaker of the Senate, the Capitol is closed unless you have an office here to conduct business today or you are taking part in the Electoral College process,” an officer explains to the GOP activists.

“We’re electors!” someone in the group exclaims.

“The electors are already here,” the officer replies. “They’ve been checked in.”

“Not all of them,” the group complains.

“The Capitol is closed,” the officer announces, pointing out that “all 16 electors” are already in the building.

“But the GOP electors!” a man protests.

Take a look at the incident below:

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