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Megachurch Pastor Sues His Own Church After Being Caught ‘Fondling’ Another Pastor’s Wife



Rev. Johnny Hunt

Megachurch pastor and former Southern Baptist president Rev. Johnny Hunt is suing his former church after he was accused of assaulting another pastor’s wife.

Hunt, who headed a Georgia megachurch, admitted in a court filing that he “had a brief, inappropriate, extramarital encounter with a married woman” in 2010, but he claims it was consensual and should not have been made public.

“Some of the precise details are disputed, but at most, the encounter lasted only a few minutes, and it involved only kissing and some awkward fondling,” the complaint read, according to Religion News Service.
However, a May 2022 investigation by Guidepost Solutions found that Hunt had actually sexually assaulted the woman, the report states.

Now, Hunt is suing Guidepost for defamation, libel, and invasion of privacy, saying his reputation was ruined by the allegations.

“The decision to smear Pastor Johnny’s reputation with these accusations has led him to suffer substantial economic and other damages,” according to the complaint. “He has lost (his) job and income; he has lost current and future book deals; and he has lost the opportunity to generate income through speaking engagements.”

“By focusing on the allegation against Pastor Johnny — an allegation by an adult woman that involved noncriminal conduct — and by then taking aggressive action against Pastor Johnny, the Defendants sought to create the appearance that the SBC has learned from its previous mistakes and is now working to protect victims of sex crimes,” the complaint reads.

During a sermon at New Season Church in Hiram, Georgia on March 19, Hunt said his attorney “has asked me to allow the case to play out.”

“However, if I had done what that report says I’ve done, there is no way I could have preached today.”