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Matt Gaetz Torched After Suggesting Poor People Don’t Deserve Same Access To Baby Formula As High-Income Families



Matt Gaetz

Florida representative Matt Gaetz is facing fierce backlash after suggesting that low-income families should not have the same access to baby formula as high-income Americans because they are not “hard-working.”

For weeks, Republicans have been using the baby formula shortage as a political hammer against Democrats and baselessly trying to pin the blame on the Biden administration. But when the Democrats put forward two bills on the House to help ease the crisis, almost all Republicans voted against helping families.

Most of the baby formula sold in the U.S. is purchased through government assistance programs like WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

But the Florida lawmaker says those families accessing government assistance should take a back seat to “hard-working” Americans when it comes to buying baby formula, seemingly equating wealth with being hard-working.

Gaetz opposes equal access to baby formula for poor people because, in his mind, they are not “hard-working.”

“H.R. 7791 would make baby formula shortages worse for most Americans,” Gaetz tweeted. “It will allow WIC to utilize a far greater portion of the baby formula market, crowding out many hard-working American families.”

Naturally, his tweet didn’t go unanswered.