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Mark Meadows Suggests Deadly Attack On U.S. Capitol Is Not ‘Important To The American People’



During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, former Donald Trump’s Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows dismissed accountability for a deadly insurrection on the Capitol building that occurred on Jan. 6, saying it’s “not important to the American people.”

Meadows during the interview predictably delivered partisan assessments of the first week of the Biden administration, namely criticizing President Joe Biden’s record executive actions that largely undid many of Trump’s own executive actions.

But the interview descended into a bizarro spectacle when host Brian Kilmeade asked about the “Save America Rally” that preceded the deadly insurrection of Trump supporters which has led to the second impeachment of the former Commander in Chief. “In retrospect, was that rally on January 6th … a good idea?”

“When we start looking at the rally, Brian, we are focused more on that than we are really we need to be focused on today,” Meadows argued. “When we start to look at America, it needs to be about what is important to people on Main Street.”

Meadows then cited a Senate vote yesterday in support of Rand Paul’s motion that an impeachment trial was unconstitutional, a vote that got a surprising 45 votes from Republicans who are eager to turn the page from a politically disastrous situation for the GOP.

“There was a vote yesterday in the senate that suggested that 45 senators said that it was unconstitutional,” Meadows noted. “Let’s get on and be focused on what is important to the American people.”

Of course, Meadows’ idea that a deadly insurrection designed to overturn the results of a free and fair election is not important to normal Americans who live on the metaphorical Main Street is absurd.

Sadly, his suggestion that a deadly and seditious attack on the Capitol is no important to the American people was unchallenged by Fox & Friends hosts.

Watch the video below: