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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says The Only Way To Protect Kids Is To ‘Place More Guns In Schools’



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed on Monday that gun control will not protect children and argued that the only way to protect their lives is “with more guns.”

The Q-Anon-aligned Republican says she believes placing more guns into schools would increase children’s safety.

Greene’s remarks came during one of her regular broadcasts, MTG Live, which was titled “Episode 6: Special News Bulletin,” she told viewers: “People know how to stop it [school shootings].

“And that is the only thing that Congress should be working on this week, is how to stop people from being able to kill kids in school. Now let me tell you: that does not involve gun control. That involves protecting our kids with guns.

“And so here we have these gun bills that the Democrats are bringing forward. They do not stop crazy people, stop mentally ill people, from obtaining a weapon, any kind of weapon, it could be a gun, it could be a knife, it could be a car, they could make a bomb. It could be anything that they want to use. It does not stop those people from doing that.”

Her comments, as reported by Newsweek, come two weeks after teenage gunman Salvador Ramos massacred 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.