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Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Wild Twitter Meltdown Over Her Account Being Suspended



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene launched a raging diatribe on Saturday night, slamming “communists and Democrat activists” for getting her personal Twitter account suspended for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and the safety of its vaccines.

The Georgia lawmaker was notorious for posting QAnon propaganda, most notably that vaccines are “dangerous” and that “extremely high amounts of COVID vaccine deaths are ignored. Twitter’s content moderators issued multiple warnings and temporarily block her account, but she continued to post conspiracy theories anyway, prompting a permanent ban.

However, Greene’s congressional account has remained active, thanks in part to Twitter’s erring away from the potential appearance of interfering with politics.

Now, just two days from Election Day, Greene used her congressional Twitter account to launch a wild 14-tweet rant about her Twitter eviction while complaining that Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers has raised a record $15 million this cycle while she is unable to beg for money on the social media platform.

“I’m the only sitting Member of Congress & candidate, that does not have a campaign Twitter account bc Twitter permanently banned my Twitter account on 1-2-22 for tweeting about Covid & Covid vaccines,” she began. “Which means I am not able to campaign or raise money for my campaign on this platform but my Democrat opponent has been able to raise over $15 MILLION from Democrat donors all over the country that are being lied to about his ability to win in Georgia’s beautiful deep red 14th district.”

“I mean it’s impossible so they might as well pile up that $15 million and pour lighter fluid on it and set it in fire. Not that I care bc all $15 million was donated in a lying, hateful, MTG derangement syndrome campaign and NONE of that money will hurt ANY Republican anywhere. I created a force field,” she boasted.

“I am pointing this out to everyone bc I believe in transparency for everyone. That’s why I called for so many recorded votes forcing Congress to vote on record & not get away with passing billions of taxpayer spending with secretive voice votes. I’m also pointing this out bc the communists and Democrat activists (and very likely Marcus Flowers donors) at Twitter have violated my ability to campaign and raise money for my campaign. I mean my campaign has only been able to raise $12.5 million from incredible people supporting me.”

Read her entire Twitter threat here.


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