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Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends MAGA Rioters, Blasts BLM In Wild House Speech Against Jan 6 Commission



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Speaking in opposition to creating a commission to study the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, QAnon Fanatic and GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered a wild rant in the House floor as she defended the Trump-induced Jan. 6 rioters while attacking “Antifa” and claiming that that Black Lives Matter is also an “insurrection.”

“I rise in opposition to a commission to study the events of Jan. 6th as well as spending $2 billion in security supplemental,” she said. “The question that comes to mind is this. What about all the riots that happened during the summer of 2020 after the death of George Floyd? What about the damage caused to federal buildings, churches, people’s businesses and innocent people that were killed?”

“Is that not an insurrection?” she asked. “Indeed we should have a commission to study the violent BLM and antifa mobs that have plagued American cities this past summer. And that’s for the American people, who by the way pay the taxes that fund everything we do here.”

Greene went on to defend some of the people who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“The people that breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 are being abused,” she said. “Some [are] even being held for 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.”

“Also, who killed Ashli Babbitt and why is that not being revealed?” Greene asked. “Does her family not deserve justice? And lastly, when will the witch hunt of Donald J. Trump come to an end and all of those who support him?”

Watch the video below.