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Manchin’s Potential Run: A Risky Move that Could Hand Trump a Second Term



Senator Joe Manchin
U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (Photo: Imgur)

In the unfolding drama of American politics, Senator Joe Manchin’s contemplation of a third-party presidential bid after his announced retirement from the Senate is sending shockwaves through Democratic circles. As concerns mount, some Democrats are cautioning Manchin against the potential consequences of his decision, fearing that his candidacy could inadvertently pave the way for Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

The anxiety among Democratic senators is palpable, driven by the realization that Manchin’s bid could split the Democratic vote and ultimately benefit Trump. The backdrop of declining polling numbers for President Biden adds to the unease, creating a scenario that some Democrats consider a nightmare: a Trump renaissance.

Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan expresses her concern, emphasizing the unfortunate outcome that could stem from Manchin’s presidential aspirations. Stabenow acknowledges Manchin’s historical support for Biden but fears that his entry into the race might jeopardize the President’s chances of securing a second term.

Manchin, however, remains undeterred by the apprehensions of his Democratic colleagues. In recent statements, he dismisses the idea that his candidacy would harm Biden’s reelection prospects. Drawing parallels with the 1992 presidential election, he points to the unexpected impact of Ross Perot, suggesting that history might repeat itself.

Despite Manchin’s reassurances, his Democratic peers are not convinced. Senator Richard Blumenthal expresses deep disappointment, asserting that a Manchin candidacy undermines Democratic values and principles. Blumenthal goes further, cautioning against the potential catastrophe of a second Trump term, highlighting the Senator’s belief in the gravity of the situation.

Manchin’s frustrations with Biden become apparent as he refrains from endorsing the President for a second term, citing leadership deficiencies. The Senator’s shift in stance raises eyebrows, prompting speculation about his commitment to Democratic ideals.

Democratic strategists, however, remain divided on the potential impact of a Manchin candidacy. While some argue that he could siphon votes away from Trump, others emphasize the uncertainty of the 2024 presidential race. The unique context of both leading candidates, Biden and Trump, being highly unpopular adds complexity to the analysis.

Steve Jarding, a Democratic strategist, acknowledges the potential for Manchin to influence the outcome but predicts that the Senator won’t secure a single electoral vote. Jarding underscores the challenges of running as a third-party candidate, highlighting the difficulty of gaining traction and the likelihood of facing intense scrutiny.

As the political landscape evolves, the specter of Joe Manchin’s independent bid looms large, leaving Democrats on edge. The consequences of such a move could shape the trajectory of American politics and determining who sits in the Oval Office for the next term.

The question remains: will Manchin launch a presidential run and inadvertently hand Trump a second shot at the presidency?