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Man With Alzheimer’s Forgets He’s Married, Proposes To Wife, And They Wed Again



Peter Marshall

A Connecticut man proposed to his wife of 12 years for a second time after forgetting they were already married, prompting the couple to renew their vows earlier this year.

According to The Washington Post, Peter Marshall, 56, suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease that causes a form of dementia found in people in their 30s and 60s. His wife, Lisa Marshall, told The Post that her husband has struggled to remember the two are married as his condition has worsened, and thought of her only as his favorite caregiver.

“It’s been devastating, but I’ve done my best to stay positive and focus on one day at a time,” she told the Post. “My mantra has always been to have no regrets.”

While the two were watching a wedding scene on television late last year, Peter popped the question.

“Let’s do it!” he said.

“Do what?” Lisa asked.

He pointed to the TV and she asked, “Do you want to get married?”

He responded with an enthusiastic yes.

While he didn’t remember proposing the next day, Lisa decided to go through with renewing the couple’s vows with the help of her daughter, Sarah Brehant, who runs a wedding planning business.

Brehant offered to organize the entire event and enlisted wedding vendors throughout New England who agreed to help at no cost.

“I knew that my stepdad, who I am very close with, was there through some of the toughest times of my life,” Brehant told the Post. “He means so much to me, and my mom is my best friend, so I was proud to be able to take on such an important role.”

On April 26, the couple wed again in front of family and close friends in Holyoke, Mass.

Peter Marshall wedding

Peter Marshall’s wedding. Source: The Washington Post.

“There wasn’t a dry eye, and I was over the moon,” Lisa told the Post. “I hadn’t seen Peter that happy in a long time,” she added.

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