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Man Who Assaulted A Child For Posting George Floyd Flyers Just Got Arrested



Maryland authorities have arrested a man suspected of being the attacker caught on camera in Maryland attacking teenagers putting up posters protesting the death of George Floyd.

The man, Anthony B. Brennan III was charged him with second-degree assault, according to The Washington Post.

“One of the three recorded part of the ensuing encounter, which exploded across the Internet on Thursday as social media users spent two days trying to learn the man’s identity,” said the report.

“It was not until after 9 p.m. Friday that police announced the arrest of, Brennan, shortly after he turned himself in at the Montgomery County Detention Center in Rockville,” The Post reported.

In the video, Brennan is seen ripping fliers out of the two girls’ hands, shouting, “You guys are awful. You’ll never amount to anything” and accusing them of inciting riots.

“Do not touch her!” one of them could be heard yelling in the video. After this, he rounded on the third, male youth and pinned him to the ground with his bicycle.


One more creep exposed.