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MAGA Rioters Turn On Trump, Call For His ‘Execution’ For ‘Selling Out Patriots Who Got Rounded Up For Him’



Supporters of President Donald Trump, who were bamboozled by their leader into storming the U.S. Capitol in a failed coup attempt last week, are reportedly furious with the president for trying to distance himself from the violence he incited ahead of the Biden inauguration. Now, some far-right extremists now calling for his “execution” for abandoning them.

As noted by The Huffington Post, “the fallout of their failed insurrection, which resulted in five deaths, was swift: Trump was de-platformed from nearly every major social network and, on Wednesday, impeached for a historic second time.

But his base felt betrayed after Trump emerged in a video a short while later, tail tucked between his legs, to condemn the rioters whom he himself had incited, and call for a peaceful transfer of power to president-elect Joe Biden,

That video, and a subsequent one, enraged some of his most rabid followers who turned to chatrooms to accuse the president of being a coward and a traitor to the cause he initiated.

According to the HuffPost’s Jesselyn Cook, one commenter wrote on Telegram, “So he basically just sold out the patriots who got rounded up for him. Just wow.”

Cook wrote that “comments like that flooded sites like “Gab, CloutHub, MeWe, and far-right message boards such as 8kun,” showing a dramatic seismic change in attitude towards the outgoing president.

“Some have called for his arrest or execution, labeling him a ‘traitor’ and a ‘coward.’ Alarmingly, many of those who are irate about Biden’s supposed electoral theft are still plotting to forcibly prevent him from taking office – with or without Trump’s help,” she wrote. “‘We don’t follow you,’ another Telegram user wrote, addressing Trump, after the president put out his video urging calm and order. ‘Be quiet and get out of our way.'”

One member of an encrypted Boogaloo chat, wrote, “Theres [sic] a war coming, and cowering in your home [while] real patriots march with rifles … will make you a traitor.”

According to HuffPost, “CloutHub, MeWe and Telegram shot to the top of the charts of popular free apps on the App Store and Google PlayStorein the wake of the siege,” where the HuffPost documented commenters writing, “‘burn down’ the Capitol, launch ‘an armed revolt,’ ‘pop some libtards’ and ‘TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK WHATEVER IT TAKES!!’ Some posts are more specific: ‘Civil War is here. Group up locally. Take out the News stations,’ one person declared. ‘LET’S HANG THEM ALL,’ another implored. ‘LET’S FINISH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.'”

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