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MMA Fighter-Turned-MAGA Rioter Who Punched Capitol Cop And Stole Police Shield Facing Years In Prison



Scott Fairlamb

Trump supporter Scott Fairlamb, a former MMA fighter who was filmed punching a police officer in the head and wielding a police shield after breaching the building is facing more than three years in prison, as prosecutors seek the stiffest sentence yet in a case stemming from the Jan. 6 attack.

Citing court documents, Politico reported that Fairlamb “was one of the first rioters to breach the Capitol, entering a Senate wing door shortly after an adjacent window was shattered by a rioter wielding a stolen police shield. Fairlamb was carrying a police baton he picked up shortly after rioters beat back an exterior police line.”

“Fairlamb, a former Mixed Martial Arts fighter, joined the storming of the police line on the West Terrace, obtaining a police baton and screaming ‘What Patriots do? We fuckin’ disarm them and then we storm the fuckin’ Capitol!’” prosecutors said in their sentencing memo, according to Politico. “After exiting the U.S. Capitol, Fairlamb aggressively followed a line of dramatically out-numbered Metropolitan Police Department officers, screaming vitriol at them as they attempted to traverse the over-run Terrace,” prosecutors added.

Fairlamb, a brother of a Secret Service agent, pleaded guilty in August to two charges: obstructing Congress’ effort to certify the 2020 election and assaulting a police officer. Prosecutors are recommending 44 months in jail for Fairlamb.

As noted by Politico, “Fairlamb is the first of more than 100 defendants charged with assaulting and impeding police officers to face sentencing, and his case is likely to become a benchmark for the others.”

“For prosecutors, Fairlamb’s case is an important test as dozens of felony and assault cases begin wending through the legal pipeline,” Politico reported.

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