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MAGA Rioter Who Destroyed Media Equipment Thrown Back In Jail For Domestic Violence



Joshua Dillon Haynes

A Trump supporter who was filmed destroying media equipment during the Capitol insurrection has been re-arrested on over domestic violence charges, the Roanoke Times reports.

According to the report, 39-year-old Joshua Dillon Haynes was hauled back to jail after he tried to strangle a family member.

Now, federal prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke Haynes’ bond so that he remains behind bars while awaiting trial on six federal charges related to the insurrection, the Roanoke Times reports.

“There is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed multiple violations of state law while he was on home incarceration for his criminal conduct on Jan. 6,” federal prosecutors wrote in a motion filed Friday, arguing that he poses a danger to the public and has a “lengthy pattern of abusive conduct.”

After being arrested on federal charges related to the insurrection on July 1, Haynes was released on $10,000 bond — before being put on house arrest with GPS monitoring. On July 27, Covington was arrested at his home on state charges of malicious wounding and strangulation, both felonies, as well as multiple misdemeanor offenses.

During the insurrection, Haynes was captured on video destroying equipment belonging to the news media outside the Capitol before entering the building with a horde of other Trump supporters, the Roanoke Times reports. He is one of numerous insurrectionists who’ve been charged in connection with attacks on reporters or damage to media equipment.

Check the video from the January 6 riot below.