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MAGA Rioter Whines He’s a ‘Political Prisoner,’ Blames Trump For His Legal Troubles



maga terrorist

A supporter of former President Donald Trump who was arrested this week for storming the United States Capitol building on January 6 complained that he is a “political prisoner” and lamented that he cannot do drugs or get into altercations with people after his arrest. He also demanded that Trump pay his legal bills because “this all happened because of you.”

As reported by Reuters legal affairs journalist Jan Wolfe, MAGA rioter Zvonimir Jurlina was arrested in Austin, Texas this week and charged with inciting violence against members of the media who were covering the rioting Trump supporters and with encouraging the theft of media equipment.

“After today, I gotta go right home, I can’t get in any trouble, I can’t do nothing bad, I can’t do no drugs,” Jurlina said in a video posted online.

“I’d like to say to Donald Trump, please pay for my legal fees!” he said. “This all happened because of you, okay? I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Watch the video below.