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MAGA Rioter Shaves Hair And Beard To Avoid Capture, Gets Arrested Anyway



Matthew DaSilva

A long-haired Trump supporter who was part of the MAGA mob that stormed the US Capitol tried to evade police by shaving his head and beard. His plan failed miserably after forgetting one important detail.

On the day of the insurrection, Matthew DaSilva, from Texas, had a signature black-and-gold scarf that he wore every day, which led two people who know him personally to identify him off on an FBI wanted poster.

DaSilva also was notable for his wildly unruly locks and facial hair. According to the witnesses, upon returning from the Capitol, DaSilva apparently thought a new fashion aura would be a wise idea, as he shaved his long hair and beard.

He was arrested by the FBI in Lavon, TX and was charged with a wide range of violent felonies in connection with attacks it says he made upon multiple officers.

Unlike many rioters whose actions were captured on social media, it was DaSilva’s distinctive appearance that helped the FBI identify him, according to the criminal complaint.

“Witness-2 said that DaSilva had a full beard and long hair for years prior to January 6, 2021, but that upon his return from Washington, D.C., he shaved his beard, cut his hair, and stopped wearing the black and yellow scarf,” reads the FBI report. That witness also said DaSilva previously had been in the Navy.

The complaint stated that DaSilva can be seen attacking law-enforcement officials:

“DaSilva can be seen in the front line of rioters grabbing, pushing, and pulling on the shields held by the U.S. Capitol Police and/or Metropolitan Police Department officers defending the Lower West Terrace archway while other rioters attack the officers.”