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MAGA Group Launches New Outlandish Legal Theory To ‘Reinstate’ Trump As President



Donald Trump

A group of Donald Trump’s allies and associates have launched a new effort to erase Trump’s electoral defeat by pushing a wild legal drive to overturn the 2020 election based on his lie that he was the true winner of the 2020 election, according to The New York Times.

The new push comes fifteen months after Trump tried and failed to stay in power by feeding a false narrative that the election was stolen from him.

Now, The Times is reporting that some of the same confidants who tried and failed to invalidate the results based on a set of bogus legal theories are pushing an even wilder sequel: that by “decertifying” the 2020 vote in key states, the outcome can still be reversed.

“In statehouses and courtrooms across the country, as well as on right-wing news outlets, allies of Mr. Trump — including the lawyer John Eastman — are pressing for states to pass resolutions rescinding Electoral College votes for President Biden and to bring lawsuits that seek to prove baseless claims of large-scale voter fraud,” the report states. “Some of those allies are casting their work as a precursor to reinstating the former president.”

“The efforts have fed a cottage industry of podcasts and television appearances centered around not only false claims of widespread election fraud in 2020, but the notion that the results can still be altered after the fact — and Mr. Trump returned to power, an idea that he continues to push as he looks toward a probable re-election run in 2024.”

Legal experts dismiss the group as preposterous, noting that there is no plausible scenario under the Constitution for returning Trump to office, The Times noted.

Read the full report in The New York Times.