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Lou Dobbs Launches Unhinged Attack On Bill Barr, Claims He Was ‘Compromised’



After learning that Attorney General William Barr publicly announced there was not enough evidence to back Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs had a meltdown on his own show.

Dobbs falsely claimed “significant developments in six battleground states,” but didn’t explain what those developments were.

He claimed that the Republicans “in name only,” corporate America, radical Dems and big-tech, which has tried “to overthrow his presidency for years.”

Now, however, Barr has joined “the radical Dems, the deep state and the resistance.”

“For the attorney general to make that statement — he’s either a liar or a fool or both. He may be – perhaps compromised,” Dobbs ultimately decided.

Take a look at Dobbs’ rant below:

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